XTRABYTES' Team releases XCITE Mobile App V1.0.

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    June 26, 2020 at 06:02
    It's with great pleasure that the XTRABYTES' Team releases XCITE Mobile App V1.0. This application serves as a wallet and much more. Many thanks to all the team members who were involved in making this happen, and of course, the community members who helped in the testing process. In addition to this mobile app release, we also have other things in the pipe-line. With the upcoming Documentary, the commercial being aired on Fox Business Network, tonight and 28th, June 2020, and of course, XBY in process of being listed on the ProBit Exchange, things are going in the right direction! These are XCITE-ing times for us all. Buckle Up! P.S Please read the attached blog for details of a small download bounty we are offering to kick-start your wallets with some XFUEL P.P.S We have also published some great new content on the website - have a look https://blog.xtrabytes.global/xtrabytes/xcite-mobile-app-release-v1-0/