XTRABYTES June Development Update

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    June 21, 2018 at 09:51
    June 21st, 2018

    Frontend Development update

    The following is a development update. Development updates will not provide CEO/patent news.

    It’s been a relatively slow month progress-wise due to several team members taking pre-planned summer holidays. That being said, we’ve made substantial progress toward completing the items planned for in the May update.

    As revealed in our last update, the STATIC Simulation System (SSS) is an ongoing effort to create a substitute for the STATIC network. The SSS allows us to refine the DICOM API and will ultimately serve as a future developer tool for localized testing when building dApps.

    For more information please see our May Development Update.

    Highlights from this past month

    Wire up XCITE wallet functionality to SSS

    We’re about 80% finished with integrating XCITE wallet functionality with the SSS.

    This was a bigger job than anticipated due to functionality differences between the old bitcoin-based core and the Zoltchain. Borzalom had to make time to modify the testnet wallet so that work could continue; the results of which are now being beta tested by the team.

    Unless we encounter any further setbacks, wallet functionality should be complete before the next development update.

    XCITE Mobile

    The UI team identified several technical problems with the planned designs for Mobile XCITE. We’re focused on fixing these problems now as they’ll create additional issues for us in the future (especially when adding other modules outside of the core wallet).

    To avoid wasted effort, we’ve decided to hold off on integrating SSS with Mobile XCITE until we’ve finalized all designs.

    Headed up by @posey, the UI team is working quickly to implement these designs. Below are his thoughts regarding the progress:

    “The new designs have proven easy to implement from a front-end programming perspective and significant work has moved forward on making the designs a reality. We in no way regret scrapping the previous designs as the new designs clearly align with our goals and vision for a more integrated mobile experience. Work continues and we can share a quick snippet from progress thus far.

    We anticipate mobile XCITE integration happening once we finish desktop integration and complete the front-end work. Finally, a version of XCITE built for wearables has been sitting on the backburner and hasn’t been neglected, we anticipate we’ll begin passing around an Alpha within the development & technical support teams for initial testing very soon.“


    User authentication workflow (XCITE/SSS)

    We’ve completed proof of concept builds for the signup and login workflows in both SSS and Desktop XCITE. Users should consider these builds as placeholders as they’re merely intended to satisfy our work needs at the moment. We’ll eventually need to tweak them post-patent to meet our planned security goals, such as a stronger authentication mechanism and the addition of two-factor authentication (2FA).


    SSS Command-line Interface (CLI)

    We’ve built a command line tool to save developer time when building out the DICOM API. This tool is functionally complete, and we’ll be releasing the initial build before the end of June.

    Note: The SSS-CLI will need to be updated in lockstep with the SSS as the DICOM API expands in functionality.


    GoLang DICOM Library Implementation

    While building the SSS-CLI we created a GoLang implementation of the DICOM interface to serve as a reference alongside the existing PHP, NodeJS and C# libraries.

    If anyone is interested in helping provide additional language support, please reach out to our development team by emailing us at [email protected] and adding “DICOM Library” to the subject line.

    Key topics for the upcoming month

    STATIC node registration

    STATIC node registration will be completed via the XCITE Desktop client. We plan to start work on STATIC node registration before the end of June. Our goal is to be ready for beta testing by the end of July 2018.

    Note: This is not an announcement that node registration will open at the end of July, merely that the code required will be in place. The opening of static registration will be a stand-alone announcement.


    One of the main reasons for building the SSS was to facilitate design and iteration of the DICOM API pre-patent/STATIC network. We intend to draw up documentation relating to current API implementation by the next update.

    Alpha Testing

    If everything goes as planned, we should be able to release a new build of XCITE before the next developer update in July.

    Please note that this build won’t look very different from previous releases. However, it will allow for account creation, login and sending/receiving of testnet XBY via the SSS.

    We’ll announce on Discord when the SSS-enabled XCITE Desktop/Mobile clients are ready to be tested.

    Other things we’re considering

    Developer Positions

    If you have experience with C++ and/or QT/QML we’d love to hear from you. We’re seeking individuals who can work on XCITE Mobile, XCITE Desktop, and the SSS.

    If you are interested, please email us at [email protected] and add “Developer Interested” in the subject line.

    DApps (unchanged from last month)

    While it is still early to know the ins and outs of how XTRABYTES DApps will work, we’re generating community interest in building them on our platform.

    As soon as we can get XCITE to talk to the SSS, we’d love to discuss your ideas about SSS functionality (including what you’ll require from the SSS (i.e., STATIC) DICOM API to make your ideas happen).

    Meanwhile, if you’re interested in building on top of XTRABYTES, please reach out to us at [email protected].

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