XTRABYTES DICOM Furthers Agnostic-Code Approach

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    February 6, 2018 at 10:29
    I’ve spent hours trudging through dialogue on blockchain programming in order to better understand how contract programming works – all to no avail. Unfortunately, to truly understand how such software works, comprehending basic and even advanced programming is critical. And yet, I’m able to discern how quickly the programming landscape is changing.

    DApp (Decentralized Application) programmers are tapping into an enormous and growing field. However, if they intend to build a DApp, they’re generally stuck with using Solidity as a programming language. Ethereum, the largest blockchain for Dapps, requires DApp developers to use that language. And this requirement is creating a bottleneck for growth.

    Given how quickly programming languages evolve, developers are often able to accomplish in a few short months what was once deemed impossible. Developers for XTRABYTES are no exception. One of the more remarkable technologies to emerge from XTRABYTES is it’s DICOM API. Because this API allows DApps to be coded in almost any popular programming language, it’s deemed code-agnostic. And as such, XBY modules are open to creation from third-party developers.

    Not incidentally, the advent of XBY’s DICOM API and other code-agnostic technologies portend a bright future for blockchain developers. At present, learning to code Dapps is limited to a select few (particularly those who have an independent mindset). Once the DICOM API is introduced, higher ed institutions will be better positioned to incorporate DApps programming into their curriculum. More importantly, highly-talented programmers will feel encouraged to enter the cryptocurrency field as well. Although rarely acknowledged, code-agnostic technologies will play a critical role in helping the crypto ecosystem mature.

    Being code-agnostic, the XTRABYTES platform will also benefit corporations seeking to employ blockchain technology. Rather than recruit language-specific programmers, corporations will be incentivized to groom existing programmers. And as an enterprise solution, XTRABYTES will free developers from having to translate extensive amounts of code in order to reap the benefits of blockchain technology. For corporations, such changes will prove financially invaluable.

    Finally, any programmer seeking to get into DApps development will not need to waste their time learning a new language. Once acknowledged, such a development would greatly advance the blockchain community’s decentralization efforts. The benefits derived from code-agnostic technologies are endless. When XTRABYTES DICOM goes live, it will be intriguing to see how quickly such developments come to pass.

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