XTRABYTES April Development Update

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    April 21, 2018 at 07:19
    April 21st, 2018


    We hope this month’s development update helps readers to better comprehend our recent XCITE accomplishments. This update will also provide some direction as to XCITE’s future progress. We view XCITE as the platform’s showcase, seamlessly consolidating the platform’s core modules into an attractive and easy-to-use graphical user interface. As an added bonus, we will walk you through the XCITE project with one of its lead developers. Lastly, we will cover the new website and the latest company updates!


    For XCITE version 0.3.0, we are refining the user interface, fixing compiling bugs, and adding Linux support. In addition, we have modified how XCITE is deployed, changing it from a self-contained executable to a packaged installer.

    We invite you to download v0.3.0 and try it out for yourself.

    Video Demonstration

    The video below provides a quick walkthrough on how to download XCITE. It also notes the many new features found in v0.3.0.

    What’s new?

    • Binaries now compiled using dynamic libraries (not static libraries)
    • Self-contained executable for XCITE replaced with packaged installer
    • X-CHANGE testnet balance and amount slider added (#254)
    • OpenSSL support and documentation added (#265)
    • Multi-currency support added (#272)
    • XCITE loading indicator added (#287)
    • Checks for updates and prompts if a new version is available (#179)
    What’s improved?

    • Price chart tooltip scaling fixed (#251)
    • Unfinished module alert text changed (#250)
    • Chart events prevented from occuring behind X-CHAT popup (#263)
    • Drop shadow sampling reduced to prevent rendering crashes (#264)
    • Node registration layout changed (#260, #276, #279, #285, #290, #295)
    • Button-clickable area expanded to full button size (#273)
    • Default window size set to larger size (#294)
    • Build warnings displaying benign code errors removed (#296)
    • Unpredictable compiler behavior corrected (#297)
    • Testnet hooks temporarily disabled, labels revised to read “Demo”(#298)
    Next steps

    • Focus on improving performance
    • Enhance the core wallet user experience
    • Continue optimizing the front-end’s ability to integrate core code
    • Begin to optimize mobile wallet functionality
    Technical Support

    If you are having technical issues, please review whether the development team has reported on the issue yet. Members can review currently known issues here. If you do not see your issue listed, please visit our support center and select the “XCITE Issue” category when providing support ticket information.

    Additional updates

    We continue to review the XBY platform for ways in which we can improve the end-user experience. At present, the tip-bot remains on standby until the testnet begins creating blocks again. In addition, our recent focus on mobile has prompted us to begin work on a smart-watch application (Android Wear).

    Patent Progress

    The project continues to make progress. As stated in the updates made across our Discord and Reddit, CCR and Borzalom are working online to refine the patent submissions. Borzalom is also creating additional diagrams and improving patent verbiage so that it adheres to patent standards. Both CCR and Borzalom are working to advance them as quickly as possible. We’re awaiting further news from CCR and will share it once we receive it.


    Since launching our new website last week, we have added several new features (such as nationality flags for team members) and have updated our bounties (particularly criteria and rewards for participation), be sure to check out these features!


    We will release a new roadmap once we obtain our long-awaited patent pending status. As it stands, the roadmap can only be finalized after we obtain all necessary patent information.

    As always, thanks for your continuous support!


    The XTRABYTES team

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