X-VAULT fees?

Discussion in 'X-VAULT' started by Jamo, Jan 4, 2018.

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    Hi, can someone please explain the X-VAULT fee structure?

    The other thread states that other providers require a fee, however this is not true. Google drive is free (up to 15GB). I understand the advantages of X-VAULT over google drive etc. being the security and interoperability within the XBY ecosystem; however I find it hard to see regular users opting for our fee-based (however small) storage over free services.

    One idea could be for the fees to be taken from the other service fees that utilize X-VAULT. I.e. X-CHANGE, etc., keeping X-VAULT free and competitive.
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    Jamo, IF somebody is willing to sacrifice his most-precious of stored information (be it media, text or whatever else) for a low fee, he is welcome to try. True, Google drive is free up to 15GB, but what use is it if it can be hacked? I for one am willing to pay the X-VAULT fee (wherever it comes from, be it direct form the module or from some of the other core modules of XTRABYTES), erlaxed to know that my stored information is absolutely safe. :)

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