Wallet doesnt sync and Static Node registration Warning more than 1 account on this wallet

Discussion in 'Wallets' started by Extrabite, Jan 5, 2018.

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    Hi,know at the Moment is an update but i m not sure if thats the reason why my wallet doesnt sync or because of the warning at the Static node Registration??
    Wich is telling me :
    Warning! You have more than 1 Account in this wallet, you need a clean static deposit wallet.
    I know i have two receiving adresses and keys but what should i do now?
    Is this just important if i also want to run a static node?
    .... feel a bit clueless

    +sry for my bad english and thx for help
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    Hi Extrabite. I assumed you recovered from a pk, this is why there are two addresses. I believe this is normal. You can ignore the node registration message.

    Has your wallet synced now?

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