The Writing Team Steps Up To The Plate

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    June 15, 2018 at 03:18
    What requirements exist for joining the writer’s team?

    Writers that can produce content in a logically coherent and exciting way are very much appreciated. While seemingly commonsense, it’s harder than one might imagine. Writers must be able to easily connect their ideas in a way that makes sense to the reader. Doing so shows empathy for the reader. Incorporating a single word or phrase to start off a paragraph is an easy way to make that happen (i.e., “As a result,…”). Understanding how to segue towards a new train of thought is highly regarded as well.

    Of course, we value the ability to write with clarity as well. While we love insightful content, it will require editing if it’s not easily understood. Following a few simple rules can help. Writing in active voice and not employing overly long sentences is paramount. Ultimately, the best writing incorporates the KISS principle, “Keep it simple and straightforward.”

    What has the writing team achieved so far?

    While the most public-facing content is the blog, writers help out the company in other ways as well. Management has asked writers to create press releases, review branding guidelines, edit upcoming announcements, produce help center answers, and rephrase website content. Current writers on the team include Discord members Jamo, Teioh, MarketFarmer, Reclusiarh, Bigglet, MZeil, and MLevanduski.

    What are some challenges that writers face?

    Perhaps the most challenging issue for blog writers is merely producing content that adds to the conversation. Early blog content frequently sought to highlight XTRABYTES[​IMG] superior features (security, speed, scalability). Detailing how larger cryptocurrencies fell short in comparison (i.e., Ethereum’s scalability limitations) was relatively easy.

    However, blog readers generally desire more diverse content. Therefore, we’ve begun challenging our writers to create more off-beat and thought-provoking articles. While technical comparisons remain apt, we will be much more subtle in how we draw attention to XTRABYTES.

    Editing content can be another sticky point. As might be expected, writers generally do not care to have their content changed. They may feel like a painter whose finished painting is trifled with by another painter. As an editor, it’s imperative for me to remain aware of writers who feel this way.

    Collaborating writers may also disagree on how to best phrase specific content (as was frequently the case when reviewing website content). Fortunately, Google Docs is extremely helpful in this regard. Writers can make editing suggestions without destroying the original content. Or they can use the Google Docs version history tool to view what recent content changes were made and by who. Best of all, Google Docs enables writers to easily converse and come to an agreement about disputed content.

    Finally, it’s relatively easy for an editor/writer to overlook grammatical errors (especially when they’re rushing!). As blog editor, I’ve certainly had my share of mea culpa in this regard. As a safeguard, I now subscribe to The site is particularly helpful for catching errors that are ‘hiding in plain sight’.

    What’s being planned for the blog?

    When scheduling blog content, we divide the content calendar into bimonthly themes. As readers might remember, recent bimonthly topics have covered nodes, code-agnosticism, security, regulation, and platforms. Future topics include consensus methods, modules, trading, and DApps. However, these themes must be broadly construed at times, as we do not want to forsake related and compelling content.

    The XTRABYTES Today blog is now aggressively reaching out to guest bloggers (a helpful way to generate even more original content). As such, a small budget has been set aside to pay for their submissions. Since many writers tend to associate with specific cryptocurrencies, guest blogging also serves to help our PR guy (James Johnson) foster partnerships and generate cross-promotional activity.

    Closing Remarks

    Writing team members occasionally “step up to the plate” to produce quality content at the last moment. They also tend to be open to ideas and are versatile in their approach. As an editor, I highly appreciate their dedication in this regard. If you’re interested in becoming a regular writer or guest blogging, contact [email protected]

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