Testnet - We need your help :-)

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    November 16, 2017 at 02:53
    We need as many people as possible to join the testnet to put the XTRABYTES network through it's paces.

    We do not need everyone running high end PC's with amazing connections, what we need is variety to get the best possible results. Data taken from low end machines running on poor connections is just as valuable for this testing. Things like that will test what happens when the new block is lagging or colliding. It doesn't matter if testers leave and reconnect to the network later as these are all things that we need to collect data on how the network reacts to these situations.

    In short the more people there are with a larger variety of hardware, speed and stability the better. So please help out with the testnet in anyway you can as every contribution will provide valuable data that will help make XTRABYTES a better platform for everyone.

    If you want to help out and take part then please get in touch and follow the steps outlined in this post:

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