On the Pulse – one year anniversary edition : 4/8/2018

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    April 8, 2018 at 04:45
    Yesterday, XTRABYTES celebrated its 1-year anniversary! With this post we would like to recap how the project originated and its life cycle thus far. We will also address our primary initiatives and end with a surprise!

    The project and its origins

    Just over one year ago, on April 7th 2017, C-CEX officially accepted the forked Bitmox chain, known as XtraBYtes, that our lead developer had been cleaning and correcting, resulting in the first version of the XTRABYTES chain.

    XTRABYTES started as a two-man project after investors in the original project were abandoned by the creator of the XBY clone coin. Our lead developer contacted C-CEX to retrieve the abandoned source code, so he could try to save the project, which he and many others had invested in. His next step was to post information seeking assistance for the project and this is where our other co-founder came into the picture as he was on the other side, looking for the developer (not knowing about the abandonment) of the seemingly doomed coin, so he could help with some marketing tasks.

    Communication between the two founders started and the reality was revealed and accepted with a bond of commitment to do everything possible to save the project. (if you wish to review the first communications, it is available on our Bitcointalk threads).

    Over the course of the next two months, the project slowly gained traction and support from the initial handful of community members, which has organically grown to become our current community. Despite never having any ICO funding (650 million XBY were forked to the new XTRABYTES chain), the project proceeded and members have actively contributed to get the project up to where it currently stands.

    As time passed and hurdles were crossed, the XFUEL concept was born and released as a proof of concept token running on our PoSign algorithm. The result of this has been a massive increase in our development team and the depth of our talent and experience pool. Today, XFUEL is not only our initial proof of concept, it is also used to pay for XTRABYTES development by our amazing staff of developers, writers and support workers.

    The incentive for XTRABYTES community members and other members of the greater crypto community to buy XFUEL is that it can be used for the deposit requirement of blended STATIC nodes, which are the backbone of our network. The parameters set for blended nodes is a deposit that contains: ~33% XFUEL and ~67% XBY. Other uses of XFUEL are forthcoming and we will continue to find additional reasons to buy and/or hold the XTRABYTES development token.

    Now, exactly one year later, we have arrived at our first major milestone. We would like to celebrate this anniversary with some exciting giveaways and bounties – all designed to help expand our marketbase and reward our community!

    XCITE v0.3.0

    The XCITE team is currently creating proper installation files for the client. Once incorporated, these files will enable XCITE users to quickly install the program onto their computer (just as they would with any other program). These files also provide developers and users with better control over installation folders, program backups, and version reporting. The GUI is almost finalized for the node registration pages, Zendesk integration (yay support team!) and the X-CHAT module.

    A new alpha release will be compiled before the upcoming April 21st development update, enabling users to view the progress made within the past month. We thank all our developers here at XTRABYTES for the amazing work they are doing!

    In order to promote transparency, we’ve configured our #GitHub channel on Discord to directly receive XCITE project commits in text format. This enables any Discord member to view ongoing project developments quickly and easily. Overall, XCITE is advancing nicely and will continue to do so for the coming months.

    Organizational documents

    As mentioned in a previous update, our team is currently working on streamlining our internal processes. In particular, we seek to live up to ISO standards for company management and digital information security (ISO 9001 and 27001, respectively).

    For those wondering what these standards entail, we have compiled a limited list of these documents:

    • SWOT analysis
    • Stakeholder Analysis
    • Porter five forces
    • Mintzberg model
    • Kotter change model
    • Hersey and Blanchard model
    • BCG-matrix
    • Ansoff matrix

    These tools will provide us with a better view on our company’s strengths and weaknesses. More importantly, they will enable us to capitalize on our organizational strengths and improve both our short and long run strategies.

    We are also examining our strategic plans and moving forward with several new marketing initiatives. It should be noted that in order to align our company with ISO standards, much more work remains to be done!


    As everyone is eager for a new roadmap, we’re developing a new Initiatives page that will soon go live on our new website. This Initiatives page will list the current major tasks the XTRABYTES team is working on and their likely completion dates. For those interested in following the company’s trajectory more closely, the management team will be providing additional tasks and more concise timelines as we approach patent pending status.

    New hires

    Times like these are what make being part of XTRABYTES so exciting. In the past month alone we have hired a handful of new contributors. Our new hires include a PR specialist, an events coordinator, a lead web developer and a Japanese social media specialist. Together, these new employees are making great strides in achieving our mission, each in their own respective departments. We’re expecting great accomplishments!


    We get asked all the time, “What can I do to help XTRABYTES?”. We are therefore pleased to announce that our official bounties campaign will be fully integrated into our new website. In order to provide bounties for all, we have created new tasks involving Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, BitcoinTalk and even Steem. Whether you like making videos or writing articles, we most likely have a task that suits you. We look forward to seeing what our community members can accomplish and compensating them with XFUEL.


    Over the past month we have been approached by various exchanges requesting to list our coin. After much back and forth (and for reasons we have previously discussed), our team has made an executive decision to not move forward with any official listings at this time. This decision will remain in place until the mainnet is operational. Although community members have sought out additional trading spaces and the increased volume associated with them, we believe it is in the best interest of the project to take focus on the core code before new exchanges are entertained.

    Patents & patent viewer

    The patents are not ready for the lawyer to finalize yet. However, both Borzalom and CCRevolution have finished most of the technical descriptions. Between now and the 18th, they will be working on getting the technical descriptions made more understandable. They’ll then provide these descriptions to the lawyer so that they can be produced in patent language. That will be their focus between now and the 18th.

    Anniversary giveaway

    To pay back the community for all their support over the past year the XTRABYTES team is giving away at least a million dollars worth of XFUEL. Over the next few days and weeks contests and daily giveaways will start rolling out over our social media platforms. In addition to XFUEL given away, CCRevolution will be giving away some of his own XBY through contests and is encouraging earlier adopters of XBY who were able to buy in at very low prices to do the same. The excitement and exposure that matching XBY with the XFUEL giveaway will be great for expanding the community even further.

    The XFUEL won during these contests and giveaways will not only build excitement and get the community engaged a before the announcement of patent pending status nears. But will help increase the total amount of XFUEL on the market. With the increase in price of XBY the release of XFUEL has been lower then the team expected. With more XFUEL on the market more investors will be able to use it to partially fill their STATIC Nodes. Keep an eye out in the coming days for more information on these contest and giveaways.


    Our project continues to expand into the business world by attracting new investors and community members. For that reason, it is imperative that our website displays not only a professional image but aligns with the new branding guidelines we have been working on. With our development team hard at work, we aim to launch our site in the coming days. Furthermore, the new site will be designed to target new audiences more effectively and promote greater transparency (via the new tools).

    As we are still working on finalizing the website, we will thus be adding new sections periodically within the coming weeks. This includes the Initiatives page as well as several other interesting updates! Make sure to check back regularly for when the site goes live!

    If you happen to find a computer bug or issue hampering the website, let us know! Please visit our support center, open a ticket, and then select “Website”.


    As always, a massive thank you to our community. We could not get here without your support!


    The XTRABYTES team

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