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Discussion in 'Blog Posts' started by XTRABYTES, Jan 5, 2018.


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    In an effort to protect our new community members from the rampant FUD, we have decided to post the full and correct perspective of XTRABYTES to remove any doubts some may have in our mission.

    XTRABYTES technology is being built from scratch and this is the biggest difference we offer from other current blockchain solutions. We are not another clone coin. We use a newly developed algorithm called Proof of Signature that was invented by Borzalom, our Lead Developer and Co-Founder of XTRABYTES.

    In addition to PoSign we have the VITALS and PULSE which are the other parts of the technology that allow PoSign to work on a global scale. These factors combined are what make up the Zoltchain, a unique and proprietary blockchain solution aimed to be released after a series of rigorous system tests have been completed. It should come as no surprise that we are aiming to revolutionize the crypto world with a better, faster, scalable and more secure technology.

    We will perfect our tech internally with our own developers and we will ensure that the tech is not exploitable. Satoshi Nakamoto did not have that luxury at his disposal and the industry grew as it did as a result. However, the open source system he released Bitcoin on has its flaws and we will utilize the best of both worlds to ensure we bring a sound solution for the crypto world through our XTRABYTES platform and the decentralized team development system we will utilize.

    Business Registration
    Registering the XTRABYTES Ltd business is the first step in securing the patents and establishing our company and brand as a household name. Although we aimed to complete this application during the holiday week, it proved to be more time consuming than expected. When we receive news regarding our registration, you will be the first to be notified and we will have an extra surprise announcement in store when that happens.

    Also, for those of you claiming the registration will take a long period of time, you are assuming we are registering XTRABYTES Ltd as a US company. That is not the case and you will be made aware of where we are registered when the process is finalized.

    Patent descriptions are being written (we have 2 so far) and the work is ongoing. We are in discussions with an international IP law firm that will ensure accuracy and thorough patent protection. Although we cannot provide specific dates, the good news is that we do not need to have the actual patents before we can move forward with the technology. A ‘Patent Pending’ status is sufficient because it is a matter of ensuring that the patent office knows this is OUR work and not someone else’s. Therefore, we cannot release the tech publicly (testnet or otherwise, closed source included) until we get the ‘Patent Pending’ status. Beyond that, if required, we will remain closed source with the patented tech until the patent is finalized.

    XTRABYTES is not going to be successful because of Business Registration or Patents, these are just formalities to protect you and your XTRABYTES. It will be successful because of our TECHNOLOGY and the amazing Community you have helped build from the ground up.

    With that said, let’s keep this journey going and make XTRABYTES the crypto platform of the future!

    Yours truly,

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