New Unified Block Explorer Offers Users Greater Convenience

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    September 10, 2018 at 02:24
    We are pleased to announce the launch of our new unified block explorer. While the existing XBY and XFUEL block explorers have served their purpose well, our new unified block explorer offers users greater utility and convenience. As you can see below, this new block explorer enables XBY and XFUEL to be monitored using the same interface, thus further solidifying XFUEL with the XTRABYTES brand. Its simple, easy-to-use layout came about through lengthy deliberation between our web developers and designers.

    The new block explorer is available on our website at


    If you aren’t familiar with block explorers, you can think of them as “a window into the blockchain,” allowing you to view the blocks, the transactions they contain, and address balances. It’s a useful tool that makes it easy to monitor the flow of XBY and XFUEL.


    The Block Explorer index lists the 100 most-recent non-empty blocks. Prior blocks can be found by searching via block height or block hash. Likewise, Transactions can be searched by a transaction hash, and Addresses can be searched by an address.


    The Richlist displays the top addresses by current balance. The new Richlist is a welcome improvement over the prior plain-text list of addresses and balances.


    The Nodelist displays registered and canceled STATIC nodes. Like the Richlist, the new Nodelist is also a significant visual improvement over the prior plain-text list.


    We hope the Block Explorer works great for you. If you have any suggestions for improvement or need to report an issue, please contact us. And check out our new dedicated page for team members if you’re interested in contacting an individual.

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