Marketing and Development Teams Expand!

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    October 24, 2019 at 12:26
    As our project continues to mature, it’s imperative that we expand our development and marketing efforts. Several skilled and experienced members have joined our team recently.

    Development Team
    Since the past announcement in April 2019, four highly skilled individuals joined our development team. Their primary role at XTRABYTES LTD., along with their respective backgrounds are shared below.

    Schnee (Schnee.#7453 on discord) joined us as a UI/UX developer, with his immediate focus being the desktop version of XCITE™. He currently works as the Head of Marketing for a tourism firm that sells vacation packages, and he oversees Performance Marketing, SEA, SEO, Affiliate, Usability, Customer Journey and the entire aspect of UX. He planned and implemented their website re-launch including the booking engine.

    Magik100 (Magik100#4803 on discord) joined our development team as a backend developer. He worked in IT wings of multiple Canadian Federal Government departments over a period of 32 years. He first worked as an applications programmer and eventually as a database administrator in 4 divisions over a 21-year period in the same organization. During the latter part of his service, he moved on to other departments and served as a database developer, tax modeler and later as a database manager, responsible for product development, providing technical support to a team of analysts, and advising senior management in IT-related matters. He took an early retirement 5 years ago, and is getting back into what he loves – programming & system analysis!

    Xtroleum (xtroleum#9777 on discord) joined us as a front-end development coordinator. He will be helping us with project coordination on the front-end development. He currently serves as the Chief Operations Officer and the Executive Vice President of a ‘Technology Services Firm’, overseeing the company’s business operations as well as its revenue generating organizations including global advertising sales, global partnerships, business development, live content, data, and revenue generating products.

    Since the early 90s, he has held executive technical positions with large enterprises in the technology space with a concentration in technological innovation for various business sectors. His responsibilities and influence extend throughout all areas of those organizations including strategic planning & execution, corporate management, product development, technology deployment, and customer & network operations. With his assistance and leadership experience, he continues to help them to build resilient applications and secured networks for customers across the globe. His involvement in leading and developing complex technology solutions for fortune 500 companies in the retail, marketing, technological space, and numerous more have allowed them to experience year-over-year growth in various areas such as marketing, customer reach, and overall sales.

    Alienrobot (alienrobot#9675 on discord) joined the development team as a backend developer. He has an extensive background in software development. After graduating from college with a degree in Mathematics and Computer Science, he started his career as a web developer and has worked at several companies developing custom software solutions.

    His experience encompasses working in full application development life cycle, right from analyzing requirements to designing and implementing the necessary solutions for his employers and clients. He has been part of teams developing large scale applications as well as leading projects from start to finish as a sole developer on the project. Alienrobot is skilled with database design and development, backend web development, web services, and a variety of coding and custom software development roles.

    Marketing Team
    In addition to the current role as the translation lead, David (David (Chuggs)#4031 on discord) has been entrusted with the additional responsibility of Marketing Coordinator. In this role, he will oversee the following:

    • Creation and management of cross team and cross functional processes.
    • Manage and monitor progress of various marketing activities and tasks.
    • Work with the marketing team to create and follow up on appropriate marketing campaigns.
    David has worked with and for multiple well known UK brands & companies delivering business analysis, project management, & operational management. During this time, he has delivered many projects ranging in value from tens of thousands to multi-million pounds across software development such as CRM, payment process/portals, service delivery, new contact centers, and process improvement. He brings skills from Prince2 Governance, APM along with Agile & Waterfall methodologies. He received an award for his work with Disney in addition to a formal recognition from Universal Studios.

    Welcome Aboard!
    Given their past experiences and skill-sets, we believe that Schnee, Magik100, Xtroleum, Alienrobot, and David are excellent additions that add tremendous weight to the already existing and powerful team. We are excited to have each of them aboard and invite you to join us as we welcome them to our team!

    Updates will be reflected on the team-page of our website soon along with additional information for their respective bio’s.