Long Term Vision of X-CHANGE

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    November 11, 2017 at 08:32
    XTRABYTES is a major project with a planned ecosystem which will result in hundreds or even thousands of projects being created on top of this technology over the years.

    With this in mind, anyone involved with X-CHANGE should be very excited because each of these projects can also have their own project coin that can be traded on X-CHANGE if it has enough support from the STATIC Community.

    Therefore, the projects that are not good enough will not likely end up being traded because they will not have enough support. On the other hand, all solid projects that do have support can attract massive interest from traders and as a STATIC owner you win here in 2 ways:
    1. You are getting paid transaction/trade fees when you support the project with a deposit.
    2. This brings potentially new or returning traffic back to the XTRABYTES platform and since you are a major partner owning STATIC nodes, this means more business potential for your investments.
    Assuming you have 1% of the deposit and therefore receive 1% of the available transaction/trade fees and assuming the entire volume across all coins produced $100,000 of fees, you would earn $1000 for your X-CHANGE involvement.
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