Tutorial How to Transfer Xtrabytes from Cryptopia to Your Xtrabytes Wallet

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    How to Transfer Xtrabytes from Cryptopia to Your Xtrabytes Wallet

    This tutorial will explain how to transfer your Xtrabytes coins from Cryptopia to your Xtrabytes wallet

    First make sure you have installed the Xtrabytes wallet and have completed synchronizing the blockchain.

    Wallet setup tutorial:
    How to install the wallet software (Windows)

    When you have purchased the coins you want on the exchange and are ready to withdraw, follow these steps:

    Step 1
    Log in to the exchange.

    Step 2

    The first thing we have to do once logged in is add your Xtrabytes wallet address to the Cryptopia Address Book.

    Go to your username in the top right corner of the screen. In the dropdown menu, select Settings.


    Step 3
    In the left menu, click Security.


    Step 4
    Minimize the browser window and start the Xtrabytes wallet software on your computer.
    Go to the Receive coins tab. Right click your wallet’s receive address and click Copy Address.
    This will copy your wallet address to the clipboard.


    Step 5
    Go back to the browser window. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click Add New


    Step 6
    In the CurrencyID field, select XBY.
    In the label field, give your Xtrabytes wallet a name. For example My Xtrabytes Wallet.
    In the address field, right click and paste the wallet address copied in step 4.
    Double check this address and make sure it is correct. Very important! Then click Add.


    Step 7
    Go to the bitcoin logo in the top right corner, select Withdraw


    Step 8
    Click select currency and type in Xtrabytes, then select it. Press Next.


    Step 9
    In the Amount box, select how much you want to withdraw. Notice that Cryptopia will take a fee for processing the transaction, displayed to the right of this box.

    Select your withdrawal address from the Address Book.


    Now press Next.

    Your withdrawal request has been submitted.


    Step 10
    You will receive an email from Cryptopia asking you to confirm or cancel the transaction. This is a security measure to make sure no one else can withdraw if they gain access to your Cryptopia account.

    Open the email and click Confirm Withdraw.


    Step 11
    If you want to see the status of your withdrawal, go to your username in the top right corner and select settings.

    Select Withdraw History in the left menu.

    cryptopia_settings_withdraw history.jpg

    This is where you can see the current status your withdrawal.



    Withdrawals from Exchanges can take some time to process, it depends on the current transaction load the exchange is having and their withdrawal processing schedule.

    I recommend you send a small amount first to be 100% certain everything is set up correctly. It’s not required, but it’s a smart move to be certain you won’t lose your coins. When this test transaction has been received in by your Xtrabytes wallet software, you can safely send any amount. To confirm the transaction has been received, go to the overview tab of the wallet. The transaction will appear in the Recent transaction history section to the right. If the transaction has not been received yet, check the current status on the Cryptopia Withdrawal History page.

    If you have not backed up your wallet yet, see this tutorial
    How to Make and Restore a Backup of Your Wallet (Windows)

    Credits: molten
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    Great guide. Might seem simple but ensures no one gets confused the first time they do it and send coins to the incorrect place.
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    Thanks, will you post (or plan to post) how to send the coins back from the wallet to Cryptopia as well?

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    This is a great guide and very polished. Thanks!
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