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Tutorial How to Create Multiple Data Directories and Wallet.dat Files (Windows)

Discussion in 'Manuals / Tutorials' started by XTRABYTES, Dec 6, 2017.


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    How to Create Multiple Data Directories and Wallet.dat Files (Windows)

    This process can be used with xtrabytes-qt.exe, xcite.exe and xfuel.exe.
    I will be using xtrabytes-qt.exe for this tutorial

    Step 1
    Download the wallet software from https://www.xtrabytes.global/#wallet

    Step 2
    Create a new folder on the disk you want use (I'm using 'C:\xtrabytes' for this tutorial. You can use any directory you like)

    Step 3
    Move 'xtrabytes-qt.exe to' the newly created folder

    Step 4
    Create two new folders inside 'C:\xtrabytes' and rename them to 'wallet_1' and 'wallet_2'

    Step 5
    Right click 'xtrabytes-qt' and click Create Shortcut. Do this two times so you get two shortcuts.

    Step 6
    Rename the shortcuts to 'xtrabytes-qt - wallet_1' and 'xtrabytes-qt - wallet_2')

    Step 7
    Right click the shortcut 'xtrabytes-qt - wallet_1' and go into properties.
    Make sure you are in the Shortcut tab.

    Step 8
    In the Target box, add the line '-datadir=wallet_1' after 'xtrabytes-qt.exe'.
    Make sure there is a space between them. You end up with something looking like this


    Click OK.

    Step 9
    Repeat step 7 and step 8 with the 'xtrabytes-qt - wallet_2' shortcut.
    Replace 'wallet_1' with 'wallet_2' in in step 8.

    Step 10
    You are finished!

    If you followed this tutorial 100% the xtrabytes folder should look something like this:


    Use the shortcuts to start the wallet you want to use.

    The shortcuts can be moved to any place you want them, just leave the program file and the wallet/data folders where they are.

    The process can be repeated until you have the amount of separate wallets and/or data directories you want.

    You can give the folders any name you want, just make sure to use the same name in the corresponding shortcuts '-datadir=*****' section.

    Credits: molten
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  2. duch

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    Can I have 2 wallets in the same directory and use them like this? (I don't need to use 2 wallets at the same time)

    -datadir=xby_data -wallet=wallet1.data
    -datadir=xby_data -wallet=wallet2.data

    It loads corretly, but I didn't make a transaction yet.
  3. molten

    molten Member Staff Member

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    Yes that should work fine @duch :)

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