How I Recovered My Lost XBY (Without Private Key)

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    January 14, 2018 at 10:03
    Several weeks ago I had a harddrive failure, and had not backed up my wallet or gotten the private key. The day this happened was the day that xby started shooting up in price, terrible timing and cause for much panic and suffering watching the price increase while unsure if I would ever see my investment again.

    It seems a few others have had similar issues but no one has really explained what they did about it, so I'm going to share my experience here in the hopes that might help someone else out. I'm reasonably new to this whole cryptocurrency thing, so I'm not professing to be any kind of expert, especially with the technical side of things.

    First of all I went to my local computer shop to retrieve what I could from the damaged drive and put it into a new one, synced up the wallet, and nothing... shit.

    I researched everything I could find on the internet about how to recover a wallet.dat file, but almost everything related to bitcoin wallets, which some of it may have been useful but I reckon I would've needed to learn a whole new language to find out.

    I then got a data recovery company to come out and help me out, but it turns out they knew less about cryptocurrency than I did. They did get me a wallet.dat file at least, but again when I tried to sync it up it was empty. Very frustrating.

    I didn't know what else to do so I ended up taking it to another data recovery company. In the meantime I'd been looking around on this forum and figured out (hopefully) that I may have been looking in the wrong place for the wallet.dat file. Anyway I passed this info on to the new company who was able to find what turned out to be the correct file.

    I then followed the steps in this post:

    For the most part I found it quite self-explanatory, the only thing that gave me some difficulty was getting into the appdata folder, which is where the wallet is. Some info I found suggested searching on your computer for %appdata%, but for whatever reason this didn't really work for me.

    What ended up working for me was going in to folders and enabling "show hidden files", then it was easy to find.

    So I replaced that wallet.dat file in :/C/users/username/appdata/roaming/xtrabytes with the correct one that was recovered from the old hard drive. I also copied it into the new "data" folder that I created after following the instructions in the above link. I'm not sure if it was necessary to do both but it worked!

    So now for the good news... I bought about $12k AUD worth of xby at just under 2c each. There's been a lot of fluctuations lately, but at today's value it is worth about $400k!!

    Now I'm ready to jump on this rocket and take it to the moon :)