Exchanges: What To Look Out For & How To Protect Oneself

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    September 21, 2018 at 07:53
    Amidst the sudden delisting of XBY and several other coins from C-CEX, the inability of users to access their assets and exit from this exchange has alarmed many of our investors. That said, one wonders whether exchanges really care about customer satisfaction or simply financial gain. Certainly, any exchange that views their customer’s interests solely as a function of profit is one that new users should be wary of. What danger signals exist to suggest that an exchange is subpar?

    Danger Signals:

    • Look for constant downtime via “Under Maintenance” warnings.
      • Warnings of this kind suggest the exchange experiences various network or server instability. Legitimate exchanges factor redundancy planning and scalability into their network – all of which requires serious investment. Be very concerned if an exchange is continuously going down.
    • Determine if there is anyone you can contact if you have a problem.
      • Customer Support is gone for a three-month holiday, seriously?! Who in the world would invest in an exchange that posts this? This shows limited staff which should concern anyone that has investments in such an exchange.
    • Beware of fake cryptocurrency exchanges. A good indicator that an exchange is legit is having the proper certification to show that’s it’s trusted. What you’re looking for is a green “Secure” and “https” to the left of the website’s URL address. These signposts signify that the company obtained proper SSL (secure sockets layer) certificates for their website.
    • Review the actual volume traded on the exchange. An exchange that reports over $3 billion in crypto assets volume is fabricating, so take the time to review whether such details appear legitimate.
    • Do your homework, especially if you are new to the cryptocurrency world. If you have any concerns or questions, take the time to receive community feedback from within Reddit or Discord.
    • Trusted exchanges showcase a voice, typically a CEO or founder who is upfront and willing to answer questions. Leaders of exchanges that hide from their users/customers are hiding for a reason.
    • Beware of exchanges that fail to give you a shutdown notice if your account remains inactive for 6-months.
    • Beware of exchanges that host an enormous amount of coins, as they may lack a vetting process for reviewing legitimize coins. Exchanges that fail to scrutinize what coins they host leave their customers vulnerable to scam coins.
    • Look for compliance documentation that legitimizes the exchange.
    • Be careful of sites such as CoinMarketCap and LiveCoinWatch who report top exchanges by volume, as they also report from exchanges that are faking volume amounts. Check out the Sylvain Ribes article in

    By sitting on a central server, centralized exchanges place your coins at risk, as well as your personal information and passwords. Any such server can be easily hacked and disabled. What are some alternatives?

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    Source: Business insider, Sylvain Ribes,

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