Development Update - October 15th 2019

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    October 15, 2019 at 09:26
    1) Waves webclient
    Waves recently updated some of its gateways and the backend for their own webclient. Since our webclient is connected to this backend we started experiencing issues with our webclient. Our developers made the necessary changes to our webclient so it can communicate properly with the updated Waves backend. This new webclient is currently being tested to make sure our changes can deal with the updated backend. When these tests are over we will make the new webclient available for the community.

    2) XCITE Desktop
    As many of you probably noticed in our public Github repo, we have started with the new version of our desktop client for XCITE, this update includes the switch to the new backend code we created for XCITE that is already used for our mobile client. The user interface of the desktop client will also get an overhaul to be more in line with the mobile client. The goal of this update is to provide all the functionalities we already have with our mobile client in the new desktop client. These functionalities include active wallets for XBY, XFUEL and Testnet and passive wallets for BTC and ETH.

    3) XCITE Mobile
    Our mobile XCITE client has been in testing for a couple of months. Thanks to the help of the many testers we have been able to weed out most of the bugs in the mobile client. We are still working on perfecting this client because with the new requirements from both Apple and Google for mobile applications we had to update some of our code to comply with their base requirements

    4) X-CHAT
    We have taken the first steps of creating the network based backend required for X-CHAT. The goal of this backend is to have multiple nodes where users can connect to so they can send messages across the network. Unlike centralized messaging applications, X-CHAT is not governed by a central entity. We created a simple messaging client to interact with this decentralized network that allows us to send messages to other people connected to the network. We are proud to say that we have completed our first test with this decentralized messaging application successfully. We have set up several nodes across the globe that work together to govern the message application and we succeeded to send messages to each other while we were all connected to different nodes. This is a huge step forward in the development of what will become X-CHAT. The next goal is to integrate this messaging client into XCITE so we can test our basic decentralized network on a larger scale.

    5) Team portal
    Our developers have been working on a team portal that will make it much easier to manage our decentralized team, it will help us track the various tasks that are assigned to the different team members, it will allow our team members to keep track of the hours they contribute to the project and it will allow us the automate our payouts to the team members. While this might not be of much use for the community, this will help the team work more efficiently and also proves the skills our developers have since this was built from scratch to fit our specific needs.