Blockchain Details, Static Consensus

  1. xac33ncsu
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    December 4, 2017 at 01:30
    I've done some digging but can't find a whole lot of details regarding the actual blockchain that the static nodes put together.

    Why is there reason to believe the transaction fee issue that Bitcoin now has will be improved?

    How often are blocks created? How quickly are transactions processed and what exactly goes into that process?

    I notice the blockchain explorer shows number of confirmations, but is that needed? Sounds like the whole point is that the network provides near immediate consensus?

    Regarding a 51% attack. I'm unclear how a single whole out could "fight back" against a hack or takeover of 51% of the static nodes. What exactly gives the single "right" node that power?

    New here. Looks interesting. But have many questions.

    Thanks in advance.