Beta Testing for The XCITE Mobile wallet begins!

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    May 16, 2019 at 07:44
    We’re happy to announce that the new XCITE mobile wallet is in the final stages of development. As our initial testing phase is imminent, community members are invited to sign up for testing. Testers will be the first to check out a sample of our innovative blockchain technological direction with our first product release. Testing will also allow you to try out the wallet’s many cool features and help us find any bugs. Once testing is complete, we will finalize the wallet for public release as soon as possible.

    Looking to the future, when the mobile wallet is ready for public release, the XCITE development team will focus their attention on bringing the original desktop version up to speed with the latest features available in the mobile wallet. The big upside here is that they can utilize all the backend work that has been done for the mobile wallet and rely far less on Zoltan’s availability to assist.

    The plan is to get the XCITE desktop version out to the test group as quickly as possible. This will bring us one step closer to another significant milestone: the first-ever testnet on our new chain. After reaching this important milestone, the team will be working on getting new node registration up and running as soon possible (after they finish updating the desktop version of XCITE).


    You can join the testgroup and get your hands on the new XCITE using this link: