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    XTRABYTES is a blockchain / modules platform and associated cryptocurrency that introduces several key innovations that provide significant security and scalability advantages over current crypto technologies on the market.

    The goal of XTRABYTES is to provide a platform on which a multitude of customized services can be deployed and utilized. Several blockchain solutions provide a similar offering, but XTRABYTES is unique in that it is backed by and built upon a secure, powerful, and reliable network.


    The XTRABYTES network will provide a highly customizable platform which enables developers to create and deploy a variety of tailored applications. Flexibility and ease-of-use are central to the design of the network, shortening the development process and allowing users to launch their projects quickly and efficiently. The goal is for XTRABYTES to serve as the host for an entire ecosystem of applications and services, all backed by the security and scalability advantages inherent in XTRABYTES' core technology.

    On the XTRABYTES platform, these custom applications have been labeled modules, reflecting the fact that they are both independent and self-contained from other modules; each comprising an entirely separate application. Modules are segregated and can be created, updated, and deleted without impacting each other or disrupting the network in any way. They will offer plug-and-play functionality where modules can easily be connected to the XTRABYTES network and immediately draw upon its core features.

    The XTRABYTES development team plans to release several modules as a proof-of-concept and to provide several core services. The first of these will be comprised of a decentralized secure data storage, with several other services currently under consideration.


    XTRABYTES is powered by the Proof-of-Signature (PoSign) consensus algorithm, a unique and revolutionary approach to achieving distributed consensus which was created by Founder and Lead Developer, Zoltán Szabó (aka. Borzalom).

    In all other existing blockchain technologies, transactions are verified and blocks created by only one randomly selected node in the network. Common consensus algorithms such as Proof-of-Work, Proof-of-Stake, and Proof-of-Importance attempt to ensure that the node selected is not malicious or faulty, but they cannot guarantee that this is the case.

    PoSign comprises a radically different approach. Transactions are verified by a network of what are called STATIC nodes—importantly, each of these nodes must sign off on a transaction before the associated block can be appended to the chain. Should a malicious node repeatedly attempt to compromise the chain, it will be blacklisted automatically.

    STATIC nodes are the backbone of the XTRABYTES network. The word STATIC is erived from the words; Services Transactions and Trusted in Control, which is all of what defines our STATIC nodes in the simplest way.

    SERVICES - All modules attached to the XTRABYTES network must be served by at least 1 STATIC node.
    TRANSACTIONS - All transactions are processed by the STATIC nodes.
    TRUSTED - Each STATIC node is registered by a deposit of XBY and is known by the XTRABYTES network.

    The security improvements are profound—to compromise XTRABYTES, the entirety of the STATIC node network must be compromised and a single malicious actor cannot undermine the integrity of the blockchain. Additional benefits include substantially decreased energy consumption as the consensus algorithm does not require nodes to solve computationally difficult problems to earn transaction fees or create new tokens.

    A corollary of requiring each node to sign transactions is that these nodes be able to communicate with one another rapidly and seamlessly. To address these requirements, XTRABYTES has developed and introduces The VITALS (Virtual Information Transmissions ALigning STATIC's) Network.

    VITALS comprises a private network directly interconnecting the online STATIC nodes; effectively providing VPN-like functionality to the network. VITALS therefore supports the communication needs of the XTRABYTES blockchain by providing interference-free direct paths between nodes to ensure security and speed when processing transactions.

    The PULSE system relays messages between nodes and functions like an instant messaging service. Crucially, synchronicity is always maintained—offline nodes are automatically forwarded missed messages which they then sign when they come online again. These transmissions are always encrypted and timestamped, and cannot be altered.


    A simple explanation of how this will function:

    XTRABYTES is built on a new and novel algorithm requiring none of the traditional mining supports typically seen in blockchains which rely on POW or POS. This new algorithm is called Proof of Signature (POSign).

    PoSign will ensure a signature rate of 100% for each block system wide, which is made possible through its network of STATIC nodes and a network of virtual nodes (The VITALS Network). The VITALS network is comprised of a fixed number of virtual nodes that corresponds to and is controlled by one or more real STATIC nodes.

    Block creation is controlled entirely through the communication (using PULSE) between the VITALS and the system of real STATIC nodes.

    When a transaction is created, it is verified by all of the STATIC nodes in the network. Once the transaction has been completely validated, the VITALS network enters the process to create the new blocks and achieve 100% signature validation of the newly created block.

    Using this method of block generation, we will be able to avoid transaction and block conflicts, while allowing every peer knowledge of who will create the new block and who will distribute the block first.

    What happens to a VITALS node and its block generating ability if a STATIC node
    is down or is being attacked via DDOS?

    Assume the S1 STATIC node controls the V1 virtual node. If a disruptive agent attacks and disables the S1 STATIC node then one or more of the other STATIC nodes will take control of the V1 VITALS node until the S1 STATIC node has been brought back online.

    All VITALS nodes are controlled by one or more STATIC nodes. If the number of STATICs is less than VITALS nodes then random STATICs will control additional VITALS nodes.


    Modules can be considered an extension to the XBY core and its functionality. They provide the use case for XTRABYTES, for everything from decentralized storage to instant messaging and all conceivable applications in between. The XTRABYTES core and DICOM API will provide programmers with an easy to grasp platform for development. A module can be coded using many different popular programming languages ranging from Visual Basic, Java, to C++. This makes XTRABYTES extremely flexible and opens up the creation of modules to third party developers; or anyone who knows a basic programming language.

    Modules are one of the simplest parts of the XTRABYTES structure and provide an excellent entry point for people to discover and learn about the XTRABYTES infrastructure.

    Once the validation process is complete, the modules will be loaded onto the XTRABYTES platform where they will be available in the Graphical User Interface (GUI) of the XTRABYTES wallet. Users can then choose which modules to run by enabling or disabling them.

    A module is no different from a regular application in that it can be independently created and tested. Once the module is ready, it can be easily connected to the XBY Module Core by using the Distributed Command Message Language Core or DICOM Application Programming Interface (API).

    The DICOM interface connects the external modules to the Module Core. The Module Core will verify and validate the modules. The Module Core is, in turn, connected to the XBY core.

    The X-Bridge Interface has an important and vital function, as it establishes the connection between the old and the new chain. This is just one example of the functions that can be used by the modules.

    Due to the adaptable nature of module content many categories can be created and tailored to the module's individual purpose. Examples of categories include: Administration, Business, Commerce, Educational, E-Commerce, Finances, Games, Security, and many others.

    How are modules obtained/integrated into the XBY platform?

    The aim is to make module integration as simple and fluent as possible. Think of familiar user platforms such as Apple’s App Store or Google Play.

    How are modules programmed?

    Through use of the DICOM API developers are not limited to a single programming language; as is often the case with other blockchain technologies. Instead, we will provide an environment where they are free to program, using their preferred language and using DICOM API to deploy the module to the XTRABYTES eco-system.

    This results in very little restriction on developers and creates an environment limited only by the developer’s imagination. Decentralized exchanges, instant messaging, web hosting, you name it, can all be done on the XTRABYTES blockchain.


    1. Please read the history of XBY. It is important to do your due diligence when buying our coin and joining our community. We have an interesting story and colorful history which you can benefit from by being a knowledgeable member. Here’s two links, the original ICO launch and the reboot of the coin you see today:


    2. Join the Slack after you read the history and keep informed in real time.
    3. Follow us on Social Media to get the latest news.
    4. Follow us on
    5. The team are working day and night to bring this experimental tech to fruition

    XTRABYTES – Changing the game!!



    MEDIUM -
    REDDIT -
    SLACK - Invitation Only - Post on the forum to receive an invitation.
    STEEM -
    VIMEO -


    Main Website -
    New Block Explorer -
    Original Block Explorer -
    STATIC List - (updates every 60 seconds)



    • 650,000,000 coins
    • No premine
    • XBY coins were all bought by investors in ICO
    • No POS rewards
    • No POW rewards
    • No inflation
    • 50 XBY transaction fee per transaction


    Visit Borzaloms Github -


    MAC/OSX -
    LINUX -






    Do NOT use YOBIT until they update our wallet
    and allow our members to FREELY move their XBY.


    We are looking for partners, supporters, developers and blockchain enthusiasts for the project. All who contribute to the project with the intention of improving its long-term potential are welcome.

    The XTRABYTES coin is essentially a utility. The coin is inextricably linked to the success of the network and its services, as it will be utilized within transactions to purchase services and compensate providers. As the applications on the platform are utilized by community members and the general public, an increase in demand will further increase the value of XBY.

    XTRABYTES is a community coin; the developers and board members are investors right alongside the general public. We rely upon a vibrant community as our source for ideas, inspiration, and contributions, and we welcome new members with open arms. Transparency and inclusion are among our core values. We aren’t interested in hype, and are not looking to make a quick profit—we are in it for the long haul and seek to create lasting value. We are looking for fellow coin enthusiast like ourselves.

    Total supply of 650 million XBY is reduced by each STATIC node on the network. At the time of writing, there are currently 465 Valid STATIC nodes with 500,000 XBY locked in each. This reduces the current supply to about 417 million XBY. In the future, additional STATIC nodes will be added to the network, reducing the available supply to a considerably smaller amount.

    If you want to contribute to the community development, send coins to community address BLocksFEE4ProofofSignatureXXYF3VQ3 and we will use these coins in the future for community goals.
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    November 21, 2017 at 07:53
    Good post ... very useful introduction to XTRABYTES. This should be highlighted prominently on all social outlets.

    I would like to offer a suggestion. In the Specification section, it states that the transaction fee is 50 XBY. I remember this creating quite an argument in the BCT ANN at the time. With both sides of the argument making valid points. I know the reasons for the transaction fee and that currently the cost is low and only applies to wallet transfers. But as this is an 'Intro to XTRABYTES' document I feel that the perception of the transfer fee is easily mistaken.
    I have shown this document to a colleague who also invests in crypto (only high volume projects, so had not heard of XTRABYTES). I watched while he read it and he was nodding approvingly. His only comment when he finished reading was 'Transfer fees are a bit high aren't they'.
    Please dont thing I am fudding or disrespecting the project in any way, as I do genuinely value all the hard work and the strong supportive community that has been built.
    Is there a way of making that statement without using hard figures? or maybe put in brackets following the statement, an explainer, that outlines a future change to % or $ value as the coin gains in value?
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    December 7, 2017 at 03:38
    Including me this recent rally should have brought multiple new investors interest. We shall grow together
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