777: XTRABYTES’ February Q & A With Borzalom

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    February 7, 2018 at 07:06
    Q1: What is the current XTRABYTES roadmap?

    With 2018 has come an incredible period of growth. Our teams are strategizing, our initiatives are expanding, and our vision of the future is growing brighter every day. The next two quarters we foresee a lot of progress from our development and marketing divisions. Although we have not formalized concrete dates (yet), we will be sharing an official graphic disclosing Q2 / Q3 for our community in the coming weeks. Again, with such rapid growth it is imperative we set realistic timeframes for our entire team (and investors) to make sure we hit those deadlines when they arrive.

    Q2: What is the current marketing plan?

    The current status of crypto is peculiar in the marketing space. On one side we have quite a lot of freedom in regards to how we approach “publicizing” a project such as XTRABYTES across the globe. On the other hand, this same freedom presents little guidance as to what has been done in this space. We do see quite a few other projects with curious marketing strategies, but few have even released a product to claim any type of proven track record. Nonetheless, this presents an incredible opportunity for the young and hungry XTRABYTES marketing team to take hold and grab the industry by the horns.

    The primary focus of our current Q1 strategy is to develop a stable foundation from which to work on. This means making sure we have a solid team of writers, graphic designers, marketing specialists, and of course, a bible-like marketing plan from which to take plays out of. For those reasons, Q1 is being used to prepare and focus our diverse team on the following divisions:


    • Develop official branding guidelines using industry standards and a fresh look to bring a new flavor to the XTRABYTES image
    • Lock down company voice, tone & general copy style (think twitter messages)
    • Assure that all future designs meet standards established in guidelines. This includes social posts, billboards, X-CITE layouts, and anything else you can imagine related to design

    Ad-Spend Calendar Q2

    • Using current SEO metrics pulled from previous web / socials data to establish our core demographic. Will turn into personas & target channels
    • Building out social media calendar Q1 – Q2
    • Focused on organic growth during early stage; will ramp ad spend as we approach more specific launch dates for X-CITE

    Copy Department

    • Expand editorial pipeline to hit more audiences & industries
    • Establish a monthly newsletter
    • Post more LinkedIn articles for business development

    Lead Generation

    • Twitter / Instagram Ad Campaigns (International, under development)
    • Google Adwords Strategy (Being developed now)
    • Journalist Contacts / Public Relations Expansion – The list grows daily

    Team Expansion

    • Hire SEO Specialist
    • Hire Marketing Associate
    • Hire Business Outreach Lead
    • Hire PR Specialist (Q2)


    • Redesign website to implement new brand guidelines – bring to 2018!
    • Include portals / logins for future enterprise solutions
    • Integrate X-CITE pages & product information for new investors
    • Include Roadmap & current state of development – X-CITE for now but will include the progress of core code once released publicly


    • Speaking with various conferences & tradeshows for potential collaboration either Q4 or Q1 2019
    • Expanding communications with potential partners (see Team Expansion)

    A big takeaway from these bullet points is that things are best done in small increments. You spend small amounts of ad budget here, you try new creative initiatives there, and at the end of the day you can assess your strategy with lower risk. THIS is what we are doing right now. Once our avenues are paved we will begin riding at full speed!

    Q3: What is the current development status of X-CITE, X-CHANGE, X-CHAT and other modules?

    X-CITE is currently still under development. In our latest update we’ve made our GitHub commits regarding X-CITE public. They can now be followed in real-time on our Discord #github channel. An updated X-CITE client (Windows and Mac) can be downloaded with additional functions besides X-CHAT for people to try. Keep in mind that this is once again just a sneak peak without the functional technology connected to it.

    Although X-CHANGE is still under development, once we receive our patent pending status, we will try to publicly test this within the community as soon as it is ready.

    On a sidenote: don’t expect everything to be pushed out the same day XTRABYTES receives patent pending status. This will be a gradual process where everything will be pushed out once it’s ready. The core (back-end) code will be released piece by piece, allowing other developers to contribute to this code as well.

    Q4: In what language are the official apps for XTRABYTES being written? Is there a language that has proven to be faster/more secure for implementing XTRABYTES? Can DICOM use Solidity for a quick takeover of ETH projects?

    The core of the XTRABYTES platform is written in C++. This code is widely adopted and suits the requirements we have set for our technology. The DICOM API will allow outside developers to connect to the core in different programming languages. However, which of these will be the fastest/most secure has not yet been determined. Ethereum’s chain is obviously different from ours. Therefore, we are investigating the option of building a bridge between not only the ETH chain, but other chains too. We’ve called this module X-BRIDGE and it is still under development.

    Q5: Will the XTRABYTES code be peer reviewed?
    As we’ve previously stated, when our patent enters a patent pending status the core code will be available for viewing on the public GitHub. This means that our entire community will have access to the code. In fact, we encourage those with interest to contribute and share your ideas on how to improve it! Internally however we will plan appropriate audit sessions with professionals in the industry to flaws and make adjustments.

    The XFUEL hackathon is also still running with its rewards. Currently the only means of access are through the XFUEL wallet, so get ahead of the competition by decompiling it, abusing the console, disturbing traffic etc. to find loopholes. This will receive a new open-sourced hackathon once the source-code is released. Another update will follow-up on this topic soon.

    Q6: XTRABYTES is currently only on a few exchanges, will this change?

    As per our previous 777 question regarding exchanges, a few things have moved forward in this regard. Although we firmly believe we are not ready to be listed on larger exchanges (you can read more about that here), we do believe that providing alternative exchanges for our community is a healthy step forward. We are in discussions with three small to medium sized exchanges and will hear back from them with official answers very soon.

    As many of you know, we are getting listed on Next.Exchange which should be up and running on April, 2018! We think this will open a fantastic venue for additional trading and diversification of assets for our fellow community members.

    Q7: Where can the community find the XFUEL block explorer and current circulating supply?

    The current circulating supply of XFUEL is about 36.5 million. We are planning to improve how we show the current state of XFUEL. This includes both a more integrated block explorer as well as additional features. The first is a voting feature via XFUEL which we believe will prompt many who care about the long term direction of their work with XBY, to hold these coins indefinitely.

    Bonus Question: What’s your favorite scary movie?

    Borz: Alien
    CCR: The Sixth Sense
    Chef: Ichi The Killer (just why?)

    Fish: High Tension

    XBYToday: The Shining

    Bigglet: Sinister

    DedPull: Toy Story

    Johan: Hellraiser
    Danny1987: The Hills Have Eyes
    Reclusiarh: Tucker and Dale vs Evil

    BryanK: Saw 1

    Molten: The Fly (he’s still traumatized from the 80s)
    Myrick6: Split

    Teioh: VHS

    James87uk: Goosebumps

    Chrisdeslatte: Slasher

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    February 7, 2018 at 10:39
    Thanks for the update!

    My favourite horror movie is the 6 o'clock news (apologies to the skyhooks lol).
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