How much for a STATIC node?

The first very important factor to realize is that a STATIC node is a deposit, not a cost. The fees are a cost but the actual deposit is yours and you will get it back if you ever decide to break your node.

A level 1 STATIC node deposit consists of 500,000 XBY or 330,000 XBY plus 170,000 XFUEL
A level 2 STATIC node deposit consists of 250,000 XBY or 170,000 XBY plus 80,000 XFUEL
A level 3 STATIC node deposit consists of 125,000 XBY or 85,000 XBY plus 40,000 XFUEL

It's important to note, that the fee structure for node registration is not finalized yet.
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PoSign and STATIC Nodes
Nov 9, 2017
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